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New Private Pilot VOR Test Questions – Figure 28

Here is our latest video covering all of the latest known FAA Private Pilot Questions that refer to the new VOR Receivers Figure – Figure 28!

Making VOR Navigation Simpler than GPS

Another extract from our soon to be released IFR Procedures App!
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Commercial Test NDB Questions

If an airplane continues to fly on a magnetic heading of 035 what magnetic bearing FROM the station would be intercepted at a 35 degree angle outbound?

More Commercial Test NDB Questions

(Refer to figure 16.) If the aircraft continues its present heading as shown in instrument group 3, what will be the relative bearing to the station when the aircraft reaches the magnetic bearing of 030° FROM the NDB?

Back Course Departure

(Refer to Figures 52 and 54.) What is the aircraft’s position relative to the HABUT intersection? (The VOR 2 is tuned to 116.5.)

Private Pilot Written Density Altitude Question

(Refer to Figure 8.) What is the effect of a temperature decrease and a pressure altitude increase on the density altitude from 90 °F and 1,250 feet pressure altitude to 55 °F and 1,750 feet pressure altitude?

Maneuvering Speed

Why does maneuvering speed increase with weight?

VORs Made Easy

(Refer to Figures 98 and 99.) To which aircraft position does HSI presentation D correspond?

DME Arc Questions

(Refer to figure 107) Where should the bearing pointer be located relative to the wingtip reference to maintain the 16 DME range in a right hand arc with a right crosswind component?

VOR Zone of Ambiguity

(Refer to Figure 29, illustration 8.) The VOR receiver has the indications shown. What is the aircraft’s position relative to the station?

Holding Entries

(Refer to Figure 113.) You receive this ATC clearance: ”…CLEARED TO THE ABC VORTAC. HOLD WEST ON THE TWO SEVEN ZERO RADIAL…’‘ What is the recommended procedure to enter the holding pattern?

Altimeter Questions

If a flight is made from an area of high pressure into an area of lower pressure without the altimeter setting being adjusted, the altimeter will indicate?