“If you are learning to fly, or just need a refresher course, look no further. I have purchased almost every online course available- the monthly club to the video packages. I did this because I could complete the course within the time constraints of my busy profession. I keep returning to this one. My wife enjoyed listening to the lessons and as an educator she commented that Lucas truly enjoyed what he was doing and was excellent in the delivery of the information. These are by far the most economical resource you will ever find and great support. I scored 95 on private and 85 on instrument. I tried another approach to instrument and came back to Pilot Training Solutions to straighten out the confusion I had acquired from other lessons. The best and most important thing I can tell you is that when you use this course and are ready to take your written, you are ready for your check ride oral and equipped with real world knowledge.”

L. Markley



“Passed the written with a 82 yesterday. The software I purchased from PTS was over 2.5 years ago. Life intervened and then I started studying 3 days before the CATS. Forgot to check for updates yet still passed. Just purchased commercial. Thanks!!”

T. Mixell



“I just took the IFR written test. Got a 97%.”

S. Roberts



“The training package is blow away good. I previously bought the King package, and wish I bought the PTS package first. Your YouTube VOR previews compelled me to get your software.”

D. Welch



“Hey Lucas thank you for your help getting this done, I can’t stand Marta any more! Got 81% today and passed my Commercial Test!”

A. Cantarini



“Hi, I passed my private knowledge test using your software and also passed my private check ride last august. I’ll be buying the instrument rating very soon.”

H. Baez



“Hi Lucas,

“it has been a good day. i passed today with a 77. MANY questions were different. however, much of your words echoed in my head. READ THE QUESTION!! This helped more than anything.

I wish I had done better, but, it is done. I gotta tell you, you are the most responsive person I have likely ever dealt with on the web. Super customer service.

Thanks for everything,”

K. Derrick



“Hi Luca. The private and written test prep has been great. I passed my written for IFR with an 85%. The questions I missed were just stupid mistakes on some tricky worked questions. I’m happy to spread the word!”

J. Cegielski



“Good news is we passed the private pilot with the assistance of your study aides. BIG thanks!!”

F. Spina



“I’ll be telling every instructor and pilot I meet about your program.

I scored a 93 on my Instrument Test because of your course, and I’m only a 100hr pilot.


J. Matthews




I also purchased Sp***** and have been going through that program before buying your lessons. While their program is smoother and more advanced in terms of how the software works–yours operates a tad bit quirky at times–the comparison to your program is not even close. Let me be clear: Measuring on a 10 point scale with 10 being the highest, Sp***** is barely a 1 and yours is a 10++++++. You explained difficult concepts in seconds that I have been struggling to grasp and relate it to the test. I won’t even open Shorty’s again.

In closing, I only have the written exam left, 3 night landings, 1 cross country, and check ride left for the PPL. I know I am going to pass with your help and am looking forward to reporting my score to you. I will be purchasing the rest of the programs for instrument and commercial soon.


C. Kachouroff



“Hi, I just want to said thank you, I pass my PPL checkride last Thursday using your training,”

V. Baez



“Took the test today and passed with an 82%.
I know that’s not great but I could have done it without you help! I started out with the S. air Program, no way was that going to work for me. I thank you for your teaching style, and for making this app. I wish you could be my flight instructor too!
Your new friend Daren.”

D. Bannon



“I took the commercial test and passed today! I just got your course last week and passed it! Thank you for your help!”

K. Smith



“Lucas, I wanted to drop you a note to tell you , THANKS. To all that are reading this I want to tell you that it is the best course I have ever taken.

This is not a sales pitch, Lucas explains in great detail every aspect of each subject. It’s almost like having your own personal tutor. I purchased the Instrument Written and Commercial Written courses. Both are excellent and to the point.

As far as customer service , you are NOT forgotten here. I have contacted Lucas many times and I have always received a fast and professional response. I have purchased an expensive course for a well known company in the past and frankly they rushed through the material just to give you the answer. This course explains the answers and why the wrong answers are wrong. But mostly its a GREAT ground school. If you don’t purchase product you are setting your self back.”

J. Hurley



“I just passed my IFR written. Thank you for your help. I owe you a debt of gratitude”

T. Nguyen



“Hi all,

Took the FAA IRA yesterday, passed with a 90.
Thanks for the great course!


A. Gersh



“Dear Sir,

Just dropping by to say thank you and you’re awesome! I passed my instrument checkride today with colors. I took you Instrument checkride prep software. It was really helpful particularly with the instrument system and weather charts, as well as pressure changes! For sure i will purchase the commercial software.

Pilot training solutions rocks”

M. Vargas



“Dear Sir,

All of your little special tricks were very helpful and made some things much easier than what I learned in College IFR Ground School. Especially your simple trick to figure hold entry. I’ll definitely be a customer for The Commercial and I’ve recommended your course to my other IFR students. Thanks again!”

A. Gersh



“Hello Mr. Noia,

This is M. Gordon. I have greatly enjoyed taking your Instrument Written Prep course. There were several slides where I was laughing out loud with you. Thank you for providing the tips and tricks to easily answer some of the difficult questions. I learned techniques that will allow me to answer any question pertaining to the “where are you in relation to the VOR” and the holding pattern entries, which I was really worried about before taking your course. I had already gone through another big name course from a certain online pilot store, and while it was a good course, I did not learn the tips that I learned from you, so I am very grateful to have found your course. I will most definitely purchase your commercial prep course when the time comes.”

M. Gordon



“Lucas has put together a great training program. I used it at each step from PPL to Instrument rating. He’s a great teacher that can make difficult topics easy to understand!”

R. Morgan



“I just wanted to let you know that, in large part thanks to your Instrument Written Preparation course, I passed the exam a couple of weeks ago with a score of 82, for which I’m very pleased. Thank you for your courses. I’ll be purchasing your check ride course next!”

M. Gordon



Hello, I’ve tried two other study courses and still wasn’t able to learn the material and pass the test. Everything teaches you the test but this is the only program that I found that teaches the material. I used the program for about a month. I went threw every section until I could get a 100 on all the quizzes. Yesterday I took the Commercial Pilot exam with a score of 100!!! The instructor of the software called me personally to congratulate me! Top notch software! This software will teach you the material to know what you’re doing, not just how to remember answers. It took me an hour and a half to complete the exam and I did it with ease. I knew every math formula to solve any problem, I was familiar with charts and was very prepared. Thank you so much for this great product!

M. Pilgrim



Mr. Noia, thank you so much for the work you’ve done putting together the written test prep series. I recently took my private pilot airplane knowledge test after studying with the help of your program and I am very proud to say I scored a 97%. Not bad for a 56 year old man with a dream of flying eh?

You made learning so easy that I was absolutely confident when I went to take the test. I was not the least bit nervous and I was pleasantly surprised when my score exceeded my expectations.

Thank you so much for a simple learning experience.

B. Burch



I used your private pilot package. I studied and passed the written with an 86% that was with only 10 days of studying. I then went o and completed the flight portion in 18 days including the check ride. I impressed the DPE with the explanation of the questions which i was able to do cause of your products. once again thanks and i will be using your material for the next license i get.

K. Rondeau



Hi I want to thank you for the nice job on the making of the software all the concepts are explain in a really simple way and you really understand everything to a level that make you confident in yourself to explain it to others.

I use the program for both the instrument and the commercial I scored 92 in instrument and 96 in commercial written tests.

But this fact that everyone that use your product get a nice score on their written you already know, the reason why I’m writing this review is because the software not just help me to pass and not just pass but pass with really high score, but in both check rides in the oral the DPE was so impressed by the level of understanding and the way I explain every question ask that he recommended and encourage me to do the instructor course, he say that if I can explain things in that way I will have no problem on the instructor course, and all I did was follow your advices and I used many of your examples and in many cases even your exact words.

Again thanks a lot for this incredible job I recommend the program 100%.

V. Peynado



Happy Holidays Lucas. My students continue to do well on their write test when they use your programs. Just heard from another satisfied customer today that did well. One of my points when recommending your product is that it not only prepares them for the test it’s an excellent resource in their library for future flight reviews. Thanks again.

M. Young



Your program for the private pilot written is wonderful and is taught in a way that is very easy to connect with. The way You teach how to decifer and eliminate the wrong answers is the best I’ve seen by far! When I Sat down to take the written test I was horrified to see that through the entire 60 question exam only 5 of the questions on the test were on the practice exams I was using. So that means 55 questions were all new to me, imagine the horror! Through the process of elimination that your course taught I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I made an 88% on the test and it only took 1 hour to complete! Thanks for your easy to understand method of teaching!

S. Maliden



Hey, I wanted to give you some feed back on your check ride prep course. I purchased yours months after I had purchased the one from the young kid on the block. Though he offered his in a audio form which was cool to listen too while walking etc, he covered the obvious stuff.

The examiner I had didn’t ask ONE of the questions the young guy spoke too. Maybe part of this was my examiner is 400 years old but 🙂 …but everything you talked about and then the online prep for the check ride itself was way more on point of what needed.

Thanks for the help. I am almost done with everything but I wanted to let you know about your stuff. Good job on your part!

J. Kennon



I just wanted to say thanks! Using your IFR study program I got an 87% on my written test. I plan to start commercial training in January and will be back to get that study program as well.

R. Patterson



First, let me say thank you for the excellent private pilot course. I purchased the all in one. I very much like your teaching style and have recommended your course to other student pilots. I scored a 98 on the written test. I will have my check ride in the next couple of weeks.

F. Rosenbloom



Wow if the private pilot checkride software is as simple as the software you have for the private written I am going to purchase it immediately!

S. Maliden



I just completed your Instrument ground training and I am incredibly happy with the information I learned.

D. Kimball



Dear PTS I wanted to thank you for your program and all that I learned front it i bought your commercial course and took my written test today and passed with a 89!!!! thanks again Brian

Brian L.



Thanks, I find that the instructor explanations of the content are really helpful, and in a style that I am connecting with. I’ve gone thru the XXXXXXX video course, but have had a lot of trouble doing well at the practice exams. This course on the other hand, is explaining the logic behind each topic and It’s sticking much better.

D. Yarza



I am so happy to report that I passed the instrument written test today on the first attempt. Your online prep course really helped me achieve this and explained things in a way that I can understand. Thank you so much for offering these excellent products to us old guys that haven’t had to study difficult material in a long time!

S. Mortenson



Just a note to let you know I scored a 98% on the private pilot written exam. Your training software/program was spot on!

J. Nielsen



Good evening! I apologize for the delay in getting back with you on my test results. I’ve had Falcon 20 training all last week with a gentleman from the Connecticut area.
I made an 88%. I’m very thankful but all the questions I missed I shouldn’t have, maybe with the exception of one. Like you said in the course, “PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THEY ARE ASKING”! ( sometimes I think it would be better not to even look at them if it were not for the DPE’s review during the oral)……I digress
I really enjoyed the material and look forward to using it with my instrument students. Thanks again for an outstanding product and all your help!
Take care,”

L. Welch



“Hello I bought you instrument prep for my check ride and I passed!!!!! Thank you so much now I want to take my commercial written. I have a pc and Android tablet what program will work with these formats and help me pass my written with your guys endorsement? Thanks Again!”

B. Lee



“Passed PPL checkride and oral with ease. Thanks a lot for all your help.
Thank you so much. I am getting my AGI now as weather in florida is bad so cant fly much. I will recommend your software for everyone. I am getting your software for IFR training as well. I think you are much better than your competitors”

A. Malik



“I like your teaching style thank you
Overall a much better and more cost effective solution than the two others I tried
I am going to go through the course again a few more times to stay sharp before my written instrument
I am currently a private pilot with hi perf endorsement flying out of doylestown, pa so we are pretty close…
Thanks again for a very good program”

P. Koehler



“Many Thanks to all of you at PTS!
You have a very nice product.
I’ll try my best and let you know of the results.
Best Regards,”

V. Tregear



“thank you and I sure will spread the word and will remember to use your services every step of the way”

K. ortiz



“Overall, I really enjoyed the material and definitely like your way of explaining everything. I learned quite a bit.”

R. Gaudelli



“Hi Sir.
I am M. Albloushi.
My Score for commercial pilot was 98
Thank you so much for this program.
I can’t describe how much I appreciate it.”

M. Albloushi



“Thanks for the program. I have found it quite useful while studying, and will recommend it to others.
Best regards,”

E. Hollinger



Okay I did pass. Tons of questions I had never seen and I did the make a 100…but I am okay with that. As I mentioned to you over and over again, I suck at test-taking.
Seriously thank you for your help sir. I really appreciate it. When the time comes for my commercial just know I’m coming your way.
Thank you Lucas!”

J. Kennon



“Good morning Lucas,
Great news, I passed the instrument written on Friday! My score was a 78. The test was very difficult. I am grateful for you system and couldn’t have been ready to take the test in a weeks time without it.
Thanks again. God bless.”

B. Divine



“Hi Lucas,
There were a few other glitches but overall I am happy with your program.
Thank you for your program and for taking care of these issues. I cant wait to get the test done and move on to flying and more of your classes, for my IFR and Commercial!”

R. McElroy



“I have passed the IFR exam with a 98 thank you so much for this program.”

M. Albloushi



“I have passed my written test 90%”

H. Grinnell



I Just passed with a 93% Your vids and personal help were invaluable.

T. Greco



“After trying several other at home ground schools I became very frustrated because it seemed as though they always wanted more money for “the total membership package” that was supposed to help me pass the written and check ride. I downloaded PTS instrument rating test prep and I am 100 percent confident I will pass the written with no problems. Today I am buying the check ride software and look forward to using PTS for my future ratings!”

B. Klassen



I just finished taking my FAA Written Exam and passed with a 95% (see attached) on my first try. The testing center representative was impressed with my grade and said that he rarely sees scores that high….especially from those taking the test for the first time.

Thank you for putting together such a thorough and comprehensive program…I couldn’t have scored that high without your help.


Rob J.



Hey, said to send you message after taking the test on line. Got a 90%. Not bad for first try. I really like your approach for VOR. Fast and Easy! Take my real Test on Tuesday. I’m very confident that i will be ok. 

J. Harris



95% on the written test, made alot easier thanks to the pts program!

E Becker



Hi, my name is Jim and I really think your app and training methods are great! I think the tips you are giving for studying for the IFR tests are great! I want to thank you for your work. I really appreciate your work, again Thank You.

J. R. Rundle



hey thanks a million, I can’t say how much I appreciate you. I going to recommend you to everyone that needs to take the written.
you guys are the best.

T. Corey



I have already passed my written thanks to you! I still like to go thru the program and refresh my knowledge. Thanks..

T. Iscovich



Thank you very much for your reply. I took the FAA PPL writeen test in Okinawa this afternoon and I passed with the score of 90%. Thanks again for putting together such a wonderful course.

R. Chen



I passed my written today at 90%. thanks for your contribution.
I used XXX Prepare to start my training, and then purchased your course to add additional back ground. The biggest reason for buying your course was Gian’s VOR solution. I am a very logical guy, but VORs screw with my head. He(you) made it straight forward. I went through your entire class in 2 days. Your flight planning trick 1:30 still works as does the hold technique.So thanks again for the VOR and HOLD tricks!

V. Blahnik



The product is very good and I enjoy using it and going back through things. Please let me hear of new products and lessons when they exist. I look forward to lessons or ratings or how-to’s like CFI, commercial, multi, Garmin1000, etc, if and when they become available.
Best regards, and congratulations on a great product.

J. Arnold



Dear Lucas,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for putting together such an amazing set of products. I have used your software for all my tickets. Now I am a CFI and I can assure you that all my students will be using your programs.

You have made my life so much easier and thanks to the things I learned from you I have passed all my knowledge tests with high scores and have never failed a Check-Ride.

Again Thank You So Much. 

E. Cohen




Just to let you know, I passed my Private Pilot written this morning with a 90%. I will definitely be using your system for my IFR rating as well. Your system brought it all together in a easy and understandable method of learning.

J. Martin



Gian, Thank you very much! I was studying Gliem and struggling with the system they have. I purchased your system and I found it to be a really clean system that brings it all together. I have both the Mac and Windows version. Your way of explaining the material and how the video present it is highly beneficial.

I am looking forward to reviewing the check ride training system and then moving into the IFR system you have.

J. Martin



Lucas – I am happy to let you know that I passed my written exam this past Friday! I have been in training for about a year now, doing what I can when I can to achieve my private pilot certificate and my biggest challenge (besides the lack of time to dedicate toward this) has been the ground training piece. I have had a very hard time translating what I read, regarding flight preparation, into useful information – that all changed when I found your online course and the pieces of the puzzle feel into place for me. Thanks for creating that and for helping me prepare and pass my written exam! For me it’s on to the practical exam  – I will definitely utilize your “app” to prepare for it as well.


M. Martin



Not sure whether Yelp is the best place for finding / reviewing this type of business, but I just completed my IFR ground training – using only Pilot Training Solutions and got an 88% on the written.

If you’re comparing them to Sportys or King (or any other), just know that theirs includes all mediums: iPad, online via browser, installable app for PC or Mac – included in one price. With Sportys, you have to pay extra if you want more than one of those. Also, they included their check-ride software, which is very thorough, for free.

As someone who’s gone through 6 years of higher education, I feel qualified to say that this course was very structured, while at the same time, very engaging (the presenter covers what could be very dry topics in a very interesting and easy-to-understand way). The multi-media also helps this.

In terms of responsiveness – I probably emailed them ~15 times over a month with many different content questions (e.g., “why is wind reported in true direction while instruments are all magnetic?”), and each email was responded to within 5 minutes with courteous, patient, and professional answers. In one case, they asked if we could speak on the phone (which we did), so that they could explain a complex topic rather than exchange multiple emails. Their customer service is top notch.

J. Swartz



I cannot say enough good things about the quality of your materials, and here, the incredible responsiveness of your service.  I often spread the word about the excellent quality of your educational programs and customer service to all who will listen.

Thank you for your prompt response to my request.

Best regards,

J. H. Arnold, MD



Hi Lucas!

Thank you so much for your extraordinary support.

Long story short, I took the online ground school last month from one of your competitors, but their support is a mess. It’s a monthly membership of $97.00(the lowest level membership) including the necessary part of training and final test to get the endorsement. Upon sign up, I asked their support, can I cancel the membership within 1 month, since I am kinda full time working on this, I can definitely finish everything in 1 month. They said you can, but normally it takes 3 months to complete each rating(their $97.00 monthly package include private and instrument). I felt bad about that response. Anyway, 10 days ago, I sent support ticket to them, asking for the endorsement(not even ask to cancel my account yet in that email), meantime asked if i can have a complete question bank i can use to prepare the test(they don’t give me updated question bank, their question about exactly the same as those free, long time published questions on sites like exams for pilots, etc). Surprisingly they told me they have a test preparation camp, which includes in their high level gold membership for $159.00 monthly, asked me to to buy 1 more month of their gold membership, I was speechless, didn’t response to their suggestion. What’s more, they didn’t give me the endorsement at all, and didn’t reply my email…. after a week.

Anyway since I scheduled written test for tomorrow, Tuesday, so last Friday, I check online, saw your Youtube videos(especially how you explain the best way to use VOR, to find the relative location, etc, i love the way you teach(more analytical, since I was an engineer, unlike your competitor which is more expressive….not focusing on data and technical…), by the way, I think Youtube marketing is really useful….. So I decide to jump on board with you…..

I am extremely happy with the result, basically flawless and perfect every aspect along the way. Especially the question inside the software and in the PDF test bank. I never saw those questions before, I went over the online questions on exam4pilot for 2 times, basically around 800-900 questions, a lot of them duplicated….

I will go over the whole question bank of your PDF today, around 700+ questions, and get myself ready for tomorrow…

Lastly I will definitely refer my friends and anybody I know who wants to take ground school and flight training, to you and of course i will try my best to leave as much as possible, the comments online everywhere, Youtube, forums, etc.

Have a good day, Lucas! Thank you!

C. Wang



Hi Lucas,

Your private pilot course and v ride prep software helped me score 95% on my written and pass my check ride first time.


D. Kirkpatrick



Hi Lucas,

This is E. McIntyre, a satisfied customer of yours you may remember from Spring of this year. I took the Instrument Written back in April using your software and I have to say, it was the major reason I got a 95%.

E. McIntyre



Using your software course to supplement the my study material I scored 93% on the IFR written, your real world approach really help me to solidify many aspects I was previously having problems with. It was really worth the $$$ and time.

F. Callaghan



I’m meeting with an instrument student this afternoon and I want to demonstrate so he can sign up. Thanks again. Your material really helped me get my rating! Now I need an airplane 🙂

R. Morgan



I scored a 73% on my Private Written Test!!!

This might be well below the average score of your students get, but for me it’s a major achievement. I had taken the test 4 times before. My highest score a 58%. I had already given up on becoming a pilot figuring it just wasn’t for me. I could not get over the weather and navigation questions.

About 2 weeks ago I stumbled upon your videos on youtube and after viewing the VOR video I instantly seemed to have a much greater understanding of it, so I decided to give it another shot and purchased your software.

Yesterday I took my written again with the sign-off you provided (none of the instructors I worked with would sign me off anymore). I FINALLY PASSED IT. As I said 73 might not be a great score but for me it represents a major achievement. My dream of becoming a pilot can now become a reality. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

F. Allison



I was a little skeptical when I purchased your software, especially since I had already purchased other material that had your same claims only to find out it was all bs. I have wanted to become a pilot since I was a little boy and now thanks to your program I got my private pilot ticket and now fly my own, brand new, Cirrus every chance I get. You are awesome!

J. Friedrick



My name is Do Anh. Couple days ago I purchased for your iPad IFR app which I enjoy and learning a lot from it. You made the preparation for IFR checkride more easier to me in understanding and learning. Thank You!

D. Ahn



I purchased your IFR App a week ago and took my knowledge test yesterday. I passed with a 94. I took the test a year ago and failed it. I gave up on becoming an IFR rated pilot because I just couldn’t understand too many things and passing the test seemed impossible. Then I bought your App figuring I would give it another shot. You made things so easy that it renewed my confidence and decided to give it another shot. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will now purchase your Instrument check ride prep app and look forward to adding IFR to my ticket.

P.S. If you are ever in the Chicago area look me up, I would love to take a couple of lessons with you.

T. Bosley



I purchased the Private Written Prep and Instrument Written Prep Courses and I’m totally satisfied with the training materials and I look forward to receiving future programs that will further enhance my pilot training.

CT Jeanette



I got a 97% on my Commercial test and would like to really thank you for putting such an awesome App together. I will be going for my CFI ticket soon and will be recommending your program to all my students.

R. Graham



“Hey Lucas,
Just passed my Private Pilot Written exam with a 97%. Going through your course multiple times sure made it easier.
Thanks for all the help.”

J. White



“Have gone through the test prep only once so far and have really found it to be best I have seen. Thank you and wish me luck”

T. Stubbs



“Just a note; I passed the test yesterday with an 88. Thanks for the help my last test of any kind was 37 years ago. So if i can do it at 58 years old anybody can do it with your help. Thanks again.”

R. Miller



“At the tender age of 55, I decided I wanted to learn how to fly. I contacted an instructor about ground schools. He told me there was stuff online or I could spend a weekend attending a course. I really didn’t know where to turn as my instructor gave me little advice on who to use. Luckily, I found this course and downloaded it. I found the instruction to be short and concise. Bottom line….This course helped me greatly and I was able to pass the written test (83%). And at a cheaper price than some others. You will also receive your FAA test endorsement from these guys. I wholeheartedly recommend this course!”

T. Johnson



“I’m really enjoying the course! Actually, no, . .enjoying is the wrong word, because I wish that I didn’t have to take this FAA written. But, I’m learning a lot from the way Lucas explains things, and also learning how to take the written. The hints and tricks that Lucas provides is invaluable! I tried the King course, and it was ‘OK’ But, there were some sections that I was pulling my hair out of my head! Lucas makes things much easier to understand and comprehend.

So, thanks you for all your help during this very stressful time in trying to prepare for my written.

Best regards,”

R. McCourt



“Well thanks to your fabulous s/w I managed to get 93% on the test 🙂 It was tough and there was four questions on more advanced flight display stuff. I would say that I had seen about 80% of the questions before. Of the four I had wrong

1 – was stupidity (point of reference issue)

2 – were memory failure

1 – tail stool – should have known but didn’t 🙁

I guess I now have to focus on the flight test – I’ve been at that for about 1 – 1/2 years now I think I’m getting pretty close ! Your s/w – the image handling is very nice & your tutorial is far more palatable than any other I have purchased, I could and did watch some parts over several times without the desire to find a tall bridge to jump off 😉 Cheers.”

F. Callaghan



“Dear Pilot Training Solutions

I passed my IFR written test with an 88%. I can confidently say your program is what helped me achieve that score. I have used a few other test prep materials but none of them go into the detail and the “real world” explanations that you do. I also appreciate that you narrate the entire course. This is very helpful and breaks the monotony of reading text. The latest update which allows viewing on mobile devices is a great enhancement.

Keep up the great work!!!”

B. Edlin



“Dear Pilot Training Solutions

I have purchased many Apps to this day and I have to tell you that yours is the best App ever. I do not spend much time at home as I am a flight attendant with a major airline. I have always had the dream of flight and decided to become a flight attendant thinking I didn’t have the skills to actually fly the airplane myself. I failed my PPL knowledge test 3 times and had nearly given up on becoming a pilot.

I saw your advertisement, tried your demo and decided to give it a final try.

I took my test yesterday and scored a 93. All I can say is THANK YOU for helping me move one step closer to my dream. I will definitely be back for the Instrument and Commercial and by the way feel free to use my testimonial

A very satisfied customer”

A. Wigginks



“Just wanted to let you know I passes my cfii written today. I do not usually do well with written test. Your teaching methods were very effective and allowed me to understand areas that I have had trouble in before. I passes because I knew the material . That is far better than just knowing how to answered the FAA questions. Thank you so much. I plan to refer all of my students fellow aviators to your products.

You may use my comments as you like. Thanks again for your excellent products. You really have re-defined aviation knowledge products and as a result allow us as pilots to become better, more knowledgable and most of all safer.”

M. Young



“I just took my IFR written and got an 88%! I watched a lot of other education videos but was stumbling with some key concepts and after googling them I found your explanations on youTube. Your simple explanations and humorous approach to this often dry subject really worked for me. The list is long but I especially benefited from VOR, NDB and Holding Pattern tricks that you introduce.”

S. Repton




Thanks! Looking forward to the course updates as well. Will be great refresher material as time goes by. Really an excellent job pulling together the material and the instruction. I had another course book from one of your competitors and yours was so much more direct and useful in the explanation. Very very good instruction.

Thanks again for the course, I LOVED it! ! I’ll definitely be buying a commercial course instruction from you as well.”

Rick P.



Finished the PRIVATE PILOT all in one and passed my written last weekend.  VERY MUCH wanted to thank you for putting out such as quality product. I own a company that trains and educates on the topics of safety and security to workplace, law enforcement, military, healthcare, faith based and school personnel. This online training not only included the information that I needed but the audio, graphics and video that was included within it really helped me understand it. Most of all the way in which you described each concept and topic really made it easy to understand along with simple, realworld shortcut solutions to figuring these concepts out were very powerful.

Thank you for your quick responses to my questions and for taking pride in putting out such a high quality product. Will be purchasing the INSTRUMENT RATING course next as soon as I get my check ride behind me on Aug. 23rd.

THANKS AGAIN and good luck on your endeavors.”

Vaughn B.



“I have studied my ground school with several different sources. While they all had valuable information, I think your program really stands out because you have some very good analogies when you explain the various concepts. I also appreciate how you cut out a lot of the nonsense and help me to know what I need to pass the written. Overall, great job with teaching the info. I want to also emphasize that your teaching of navigation . . . especially the use of the VOR and how to read it and where you are in relation to it, was far superior than any of the other source I learned that from. A BIG thank you for that!”

Carl V.



Pilots who pass the written usually throw away their software when done with it. Our software instead is a lifetime companion. Here is a testimonial as proof:


I purchased your “Instrument Written Preparation software Last year. I was very helpful and as I had written prior was instrumental in my passing my written with confidence. Since that time I also passed my instrument check ride.

I’m writing to request a possible favor. My old computer crashed and I had to replace it. My problem is I’m attempting to maintain some of my favorite programs which yours is one. Unfortunately my new computer does not have a cd/dvd drive. When I purchased yur program I didn’t download from the internet but instead received the disk. I would love to keep your program because I go back to it as a refresher at times. My request would be if you would allow me to download the same program from the internet?”

T. Eddy

We obviously sent Mr. Eddy the download link and a new activation code.




I passed my Instrument Knowledge Test with an 87%! I was very happy!!Your program was extremely helpful and made all the difficult concepts seem easy.I have recommended it to several other Instrument rating students. Now I’m off to the check ride.”

R. Morgan



“Lucas,Took my written today and received a score of 93%. Your program was very instrumental in helping me achieve this score! I’m attending a flight school in FL in a few weeks to finish my training.   assure you that I will recommend your program. Thanks.”

S. Marinello




I took my FAA written exam on Thursday and passed it on my first attempt with a score of 85%. I am so happy to have this part behind me. I really liked your written class and the ways that you explain an easier approach to some of the questions. I am 48 years old and been out of college for 26 years so I am pretty rusty on studying. Your online class made it a lot more enjoyable. I feel that I will be better prepared for my oral exam/checkride. Thanks again for offering such a great product.”

T. Mortenson




Just a note about your IFR written prep course. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt that the presentation was very good. I will gladly say that I passed my written with a score of 95% after going through the course . I believe that your course clarified some topics that I kept struggling over prior to using the course. This was especially true because I took a independent approach and did attend a flight school’s ground school. I self taught and saved significantly as a result. Your approach was simple and easy to grasp and would benefit anyone. I fully recommend it to future test takers and have already recommended it to my flight instructor to inform his future students . Thank you again for the help.”



Older Testimonials

Thank you for sending the endorsement for my instrument knowledge test. I really enjoyed studying the material and thought that it was presented in a way that communicated the ideas to me so that I could learn. As I recall, there were only two questions that gave me pause for thought and one has been responded too and the other was just my inability to understand right away. I want you to know that I have already recommended it to a pilot friend and that I will be back to use your software for my commercial endorsement.
~R. Livingood

I’ve tried Sporty’s, the Kings, weekend ground schools, and none measure up to PTS or worked for me; none even close. After a while, it’s even fun and I couldn’t wait to get up to get at it. I am now truly anxious to get at the flight training and gobble it up. Congratulations. U da man. Feel free to quote me.

~T. Thomson

Now that the dust has settled a little I wanted to thank Pilot Training Solutions; Lucas in particular.  The best score I had ever got on a practice test was 70, and after a few hours with him and the course, I was able to comfortably take the test and pass it with a score of 95%.
~S. Matthews

Allow me to take this opportunity to comment on the excellence of Pilot Training Solutions’ Instrument Written Program. After nine years of on and off instrument training, the instrument written continued to elude me. I learned of your written program by word-of-mouth, and was told to pick it up.  I must admit, I was skeptical of your assurances, but the fact is that I passed the written at the end of three days with your course with a score of 97.
~C. Karounos

Pilot Training Solutions has given me a goal to strive for; it gives students nothing but the best in education and training and professionalism. Now that I am ready to start instructing as a CFII, it will certainly be hard to beat the quality that Pilot Training Solutions accommodated me with.  Maybe I need to see if there are any openings with you!
~K. Day

Pilot training solutions combined quality training with an aggressive syllabus that minimized the elapsed time for my training. I don’t see how I could have gotten better value for my money and time.  Nice job. You all are welcome to use me as a reference anytime you like.
~V. Massimini

I wanted to write and express what a wonderful experience I had with Pilot Training Solutions. Your course was extremely informative and enjoyable. I truly wanted to thank you and your staff for making it such a wonderful learning experience.
~G. Fallivene

I would like to thank you and your staff in helping me complete my goal. The course you created was incredible, I walked away with so much knowledge.  People are still amazed at all the knowledge that I took from that course. I recommend it to all that have not experienced it yet.
~C. S. Kedzierski

With very limited flying experience when I came to your course (only 120 hours a VFR logged time and no exposure whatsoever to IFR terminology) I was in a fog when I purchased your written course. Once the slides started, my fears dissipated, and after three days I took the test and passed with a 93.
Thank you Pilot Training Solutions.
~R. Strong

It has been a couple of weeks since I completed my instrument written and I wanted to write to you. Thank you to all of you at Pilot Training Solutions. Your ground class made passing the instrument written, something I had been struggling with for years, a joke. I can promise you this: anyone I talk to even thinking about passing the written exam will be referred to Pilot Training Solutions.
~D. C. Chenarides

Your classes for the private and instrument were so thorough that I passed the written test for both immediately after completing the course with flying colors. Thanks to your excellent instruction and courses I completed both written exams in a total of six days.
~S. Okros

I admit it didn’t seem possible that one could learn all the required information and pass the FAA instrument knowledge test in one weekend but I purchased your course and this milestone was behind me at the end of that weekend.
~RC Kelly

I look forward to pursuing an instrument rating in the not-too-distant future and I will look first at the instrument written program offered by Pilot Training Solutions. I will also continue to encourage others that I know who need to pass the private written to consider your program. Your training course is excellent and your instructor is a top notch professional who obviously enjoys what he does.
~A. Napier

While I do value the training I received before coming to PilotTrainingSolutions.com, I must say that you are the only ones who truly know how to “get it done”. When you said I could get the written done in three days, to be honest, I didn’t believe it. Seemed like hyperbole to me, but I went along with it because you seemed so sincere. Happily, I can say with a big smile on my face that I stand corrected; I am now a believer. You guys know what you’re talking about and by contrasting what everyone I know who is training to become a pilot has said, it is obvious that you were doing it right!
~D. Sievers

I want to thank you once again for the excellent guidance and training that your course provided to me. I wish I had used Pilot Training Solutions years ago – it would have saved me much time, money and angst over an odyssey that unnecessarily took me four years to ultimately complete. Importantly – your course made it fun. For that, especially – I thank you very much. Next time, when I’m ready to pass my commercial written, I’ll call you first.
~J. Down

It is to you, the Mighty Masters of Aeronautics that I owe my deepest of thanks and gratitude in the successful completion of my instrument written exam.
~A. E. Bortnichak

Lots of people start to learn how to fly, but very few finish. The fact that I am now a pilot and have conquered my written exam is a real tribute to you and your staff. I’m looking forward to a lifetime of enjoyment of flying. Thanks for making it so easy
~D. L. Kennedy

Please extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to Lucas for the exemplary job he did in preparing me for the instrument written test. It was a pleasure to spend several hours of training with him. His knowledge, delivery and professionalism can only be described as outstanding! I would certainly consider taking additional training programs through Pilot Training Solutions and would recommend your courses to my colleagues. Once again thanks for a job well done
~V. Patti

I came. I heeded your advice. Now, I fly airplanes. I can’t thank you enough for pointing me in the right direction to finally pass the written exam. I came to you first and then went to seek out competitor programs only to have them pale in comparison to your expertise and professionalism. Pilot Training Solutions will be sung high in my praises to any who will listen.
~B. Abel

In retrospect it is not difficult to understand that Pilot Training Solutions has been in the business of instrument instruction for a very long time. It is reflected every turn. I would have no qualms at all in recommending your program to anyone interested in learning to fly, whether for private license or for an instrument rating. I wish you every success in the future.
~R. Cavanagh

I personally had a great experience with Pilot Training Solutions. Very professional and personable staff, a joy!
~ Jay Farr