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PTS Wishes You All Season’s Greetings with Our Software Sale

December 27, 2017

Until January 1st, 2018 enjoy a 10% discount on all of our courses! Written Preparation Courses ($98.10 Instead of $109), Check-Ride Preparation Courses ($58.50 Instead of $65), Online Courses ($89.10 Instead of $99), All-In-One Courses ($125.10 Instead of $139). Even our IFR Procedures Course is 10% Off and also includes the iPad App Free ($134.99 Instead of $300).

So Again Season’s Greetings and happy new year from all of us at PTS!


Instrument Rating Interactive Test Prep V4.1 Released

November 08, 2017

Dear Valued PTS Customers,

We are excited to announce that the latest version of the Instrument Rating Interactive Test Prep (V 4.1) has just been released (Online and Mac versions). The big changes are a much more streamlined and professional interface, some audio enhancements, and new content has been added to match changes made by the FAA to the supplement book and exam.

And remember – all updates to our software are free for you for as long as you use the course.

To view the online version of the new software simply visit: and login using your credentials.

If you are an All-In-One customer you can also go to the All-In-One online menu and select “Written Prep Software”, followed by “Online Software”.

Mac users should refer to the original purchase email for the download link or contact us to receive it via email once more.

As you are the most valuable part of our program, please feel free to give us any feedback you can on the changes; if you find any problems or have any suggestions please submit your recommendations to [email protected]

Thank you for being a loyal customer. If you are happy with what we are doing, then please spread the news about Pilot Training Solutions to your fellow aviators. The opportunity for your friends’ patronage is the greatest compliment you can give.

Get it now…


IFR Procedures App Released on iTunes

November 08, 2016

Our IFR Procedures App has just been released on iTunes. The purpose of this program is to become a newly certified IFR pilot’s “Virtual Instructor”, whenever he/she needs it.

We have all been there! We stood proud, showing fellow students our newly achieved Instrument Rating and truly believing we were masters of the cloudy sky. Only later, much later, did we finally realize how much we still had to learn.

Our IFR Procedures App, installed on your onboard iPad, will fill that gap.

The program contains 10 hours of readily accessible interactive flight and ground instruction, aimed at improving pilot’s safety while getting rid of the nonsense and (as usual) simplifying all concepts.

The only way to truly appreciate the instructional value of this App is to see it in action.

See it on iTunes…


Latest Changes to the FAA Tests and PTS

September 29, 2016

Lately many of you have been contacting us asking if our software is still effective given the recent changes the FAA has made to the Knowledge Tests, and whether we have all of the latest questions.

Many of you are afraid of failing the test because of the multitude of questions the FAA has added to the various tests.

Fear not!!!

When we started developing our software we knew that the FAA was growing tiresome of the fact that a large majority of applicants were preparing for their Knowledge Test by memorizing Questions and Answers. So we decided to create a “True and Unique” Pilot Ground School focused on thoroughly teaching the subjects while simplifying them at the same time. More…


This Weekend Only Take 10% off our All-In-One Courses

September 22, 2016

Until September 26 save $15 on all our best selling All-In-One Courses,


IFR Procedures Now Online

August 30, 2016

The Online Version of the IFR Procedures App is now live on our servers and is available for purchase for $149.99!!! But that’s not all. If you pre-order the PC, Mac or iPad Apps you will also instantly receive access to the Online Version which runs on all devices! More…


IFR Procedures Pre-Order Sale

August 1, 2016

Pre-Order the IFR Procedures App before August 15 and receive a 15% discount. Pay only $127.49 instead of the regular $149.99!!! Also pre-order in any format and get access to the Online Version (Available on August 30th). So you can start enjoying the App without waiting for the release date of your actual chosen format. More…


IFR Procedures App Chapter 4 Beta (From Taxi to Enroute) is Now Online

July 18, 2016

Pilot Training Solutions’ 4th module is now available for Beta Testing through the main menu. If you are unable to access it, you might need to clear the Cached Images and Files from your Internet Browser’s history.


Our latest video extract from our upcoming IFR Procedures App

July 15, 2016

The Importance of TAFs in IFR

Here is another extract from our upcoming IFR Procedures App which should be released on August 30th this year (2016)!
This time we will be going over the TAF in detail and how to use it for selecting the primary airport to land at as well as any required alternate airport.


PTS Wishes You a Happy and Safe Independence Day Weekend with Our 15/15 Offer


July 2, 2016

Until July 15, purchase any All-In-One Course from Pilot Training Solutions for only $118.50 instead of the normal price of $139 ($297.50 instead of $350 for the All-In-One All). Ace your written Test and Check Ride guaranteed! See Offer…


IFR Procedures Beta Testing is now online.

June 30, 2016

To join the beta please visit:

The IFR Procedures App is Nearing Completion

June 15, 2016

Pilot Training Solutions is proud to announce that the much-anticipated IFR Procedures App is nearing completion, and should be released this coming August (estimated release date: August 15, 2016).

As has been the case with all of our software products, before releasing this latest app we ask for assistance from you – our loyal supporters – in testing the Beta of the App FOR FREE.

Within the next week, we will be uploading one module per week (twelve in total) to our servers, and allow free access to for each module for a ten day period. Then, we will switch to the next module, and the next, until all twelve have been released for free trial and testing.

All of our current IFR customer will be receiving an email with the details soon. If you are not currently one of our customers but still wish to participate look for an updated news article from us with instructions on how to join the beta.


PTS Wishes You a Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend and 10% Off Our All-In-One Courses


May 26, 2016

Until the end of May purchase any All-In-One Course from Pilot Training Solutions for only $125 instead of the normal price of $139. Ace your written Test and Check Ride guaranteed! Get It Now…


Pilot Training Solutions’ YouTube Channel 

May 08, 2016

A YouTube Channel dedicated to simplifying all Aviation Topics, helping all pilots truly understand them rather than just accept them! Visit:


A Christmas Gift From Pilot Training Solutions 

September 20, 2015

Trying to find the perfect gift for a pilot? Why not one of our products? Get him a gift that will help him become Better, Safer and Ace all his Aviation Tests! Best of all, until December 27, the majority of our software is on sale! Enjoy a 15% discount on most of our software. All of our Written Preparation Software, Our Check-Ride Preparation Software and All-In-One Packages are now 15% off the original price. So enjoy up to $50 in savings all this holiday season!


The Private Pilot Interactive Test Prep V 1.0 Has Been Released

November 16, 2015


PVTITP256Dear PTS Customers

As you probably know our Software is meant to be a life companion rather than just a tool to get you past the hurdle of the FAA Knowledge Test.

The FAA has recently changed all the test questions and also introduced some new content and we at Pilot Training Solutions have been working overtime to deliver an updated version to our software which reflects all of these changes.

As mentioned on our website, updates to our products are free for life to all of our customers.

We have just uploaded to our servers a new Version of the Private Pilot Written Prep.

The Private Pilot Interactive Test Prep V 1.0 is now live and available for PC and Mac download to all of our customers at no cost.

If you have not yet received an email with the download link and instructions, please email us at [email protected] and we will forward you said email.

Our first priority is to help you ace your aviation tests and help you become a much more knowledgeable and safer pilot, but we also pride ourselves in customer satisfaction so if you have any additional questions, need help with installation or would like a more detailed explanation on any topics please feel free to e-mail us back or call us toll free at 1-855-PASS-FAA (1-855-727-7322).

Three Day Sale 

September 20, 2015

Until.September 22nd buy any program and receive it in all formats at no additional cost. Buy the Private Written Prep Download for PC and you also receive the Mac Download (a $109 Value) and the iPad App (an additional $99.99 Value) FREE. Purchase the Instrument All-In-One and you also receive the Instrument Rating Interactive Test Prep and Check-Ride Prep iPad Apps (a $150 Value) FREE!

Best of all we plan on having this Sale on a somewhat regular basis, so if you are not ready to purchase just yet, keep coming back to to see our current offers!


Private Pilot Interactive Test Prep V 4.1.1 Now Available 

September 19, 2015

The new version of the Private Pilot Interactive Test Prep is now available on the App Store. This latest update has some bug fixes For example superscript and subscript did not display correctly making it impossible to answer some questions. We also addressed and fixed all of the bugs reported by our customers.

This update also will run much faster and a reduced size.

You can find it on the App Store at:


Instrument Rating Interactive Test Prep V 1.1.0 Now Available 

July 24, 2015

The new version of the Instrument Rating Interactive Test Prep is now available on the App Store. This latest update has some minor bug fixes is much more stable. We also addressed and fixed all of the bugs reported by our customers.

You can find it on the App Store at:


Our Software is now also Available in Video Format 

July 6, 2015

We have started converting all of our software to video format and uploading it to YouTube where you will be able to watch individual chapters as well as the full program at a discounted rate. visit: to see them all.


4th of July Weekend Sale

July 1st, 2015

until Monday July 6, purchase any title for Pc or Mac and receive the corresponding iPad App absolutely Free!!! Thats Right, Buy the Private Written Prep for PC or Mac and get the Private Pilot Interactive Test Prep iPad App Free. Buy the Private Pilot Check-Ride Prep Software and get the Check-Ride Prep App Free. Buy The Instrument All-In-One and receive both the Instrument Rating Interactive Test Prep iPad App and Check-Ride Prep App Absolutely Free. In other words “Buy One and Get One Free”. This offer is only good for this Independence Day Weekend, so act now and save between $49 and $158 in Apps.

Get Our Software before the Prices Go Up.

May 25th, 2015

Prices will increase this June by $10, so buy it all before the end of may. Considering that our software delivers between 12 and 15 hours of interactive instruction from some of the top rated instructors in the country and that it will probably save you between one and two thousand dollars in ground school, a $109 price tag for a Knowledge Test Prep Package or $139 for an All-In-Package is a fairly inexpensive investment.

One hour of flight time will cost you twice as much as our software. Making sure you get the most out of it is a must. By using our software before getting into the airplane you will be doing just that. “Learn on the ground and practice in the air” is a key principle for every student pilot. Understanding how to enter a holding pattern before attempting to execute it in the air will guarantee you will save additional money as well as enjoy your training rather than getting frustrated. By using our software before your flight you will feel much more confident and really enjoy practicing your newly gained skills. Best of all at the end you will also be prepared for the knowledge test, which at the moment, with all the ongoing changes to questions and answers is definitely a super plus.

Get a New Gift from Us Every Month

May 1st, 2015

Get a New Gift Every Month. This May we are giving you the FREE Private Pilot Interactive Test Prep iPad App with the Purchase of the Private Pilot All-In-One. Thats an additional $100 gift on top of the $59 gift of the Free Check-Ride Prep. Next Month it will be the Instrument Rating App’s Turn. In July the Commercial’s Turn and August holds a special surprise.


Another Nice Article on AOPA

April 9th, 2015

The Commercial Interactive Test Prep App Has Just Been Approved by Apple!

April 7th, 2015
The Commercial Pilot Interactive Test Prep App  was approved late last night and is now available on the App Store at $99. Best of all, purchase the Commercial All-In-One before the end of April, and receive the iPad App absolutely FREE (another gift from Pilot Training Solutions). The Commercial Check-Ride Prep will be next (by the end of the month), followed by the  IFR Procedures App (we estimate this latest production will be released sometime this summer).

The Commercial Interactive Test Prep App Has Just Been Submitted to iTunes!

March 28, 2015
We just submitted the Commercial Interactive Test Prep for iPad to iTunes and expect it to be available on the App store within 8 to ten days. The Commercial Check-Ride Prep will be next, followed by the  IFR Procedures App (we estimate this latest production will be released sometime this summer).


IFR Interactive Test Prep for iPad Submitted to the App Store!

January 24, 2015
We just submitted the Instrument Interactive Test Prep for iPad to iTunes and expect it to be available on the App store within 8 to ten days. The Commercial Interactive Test Prep will be next (estimated release date: February 15th 2015) and after that the Commercial V-Ride Prep for all platforms.

That will complete all the testing software we offer for now and after that the IFR Procedures App well get on with its development as well as the CFI-A and ATP.

IFR Interactive Test Prep V 4.0 Beta Released!

January 15, 2015
We just released the Beta version of the new Instrument Test Prep. It will be Live on our servers for two weeks for all of our customers to view and review. If you are one of our customers and need access to it please send us a message and we will forward you link and instructions. After the two weeks testing it will be packaged into the new version and also submitted to the App Store to become our latest App.


IFR Interactive Test Prep V 4.0 Just Around the Corner!

January 01, 2015
The new Instrument Software and App is nearly ready and is expected to make its debut on our servers for beta testing by our customers by the middle of the month. Like the new Private Pilot Software/App it has a brand new sleeker interface and content. All the latest known FAA questions are covered and included in the end of chapter quizzes, All the new topics the FAA has introduced in the past few years are explained in incredible detail with our usual simple and straight to the point explanations. The Software will work on all platforms and also be packaged into an iPad App for iTunes and Android App for the Google Play store.

If you are one of our current customers, no worries, as usual we keep our promises and all of you will get the new Version absolutely FREE!


Its Raining Apps!!!

November 13, 2014
Our Apps are coming out on iTunes at the rate of one a week. The Private and Instrument Check Ride Prep Apps are already in the store and the Private Interactive Test Prep has already been delivered for review. Best of All: anyone who buys either software will receive the App for FREE.

Yes If You buy either check ride prep software or Knowledge test prep software you also get the free App.

So there is no need to wait for your specific App to come out. Go ahead and start learning on your PC or Mac or online with your iPad and when the specific App is available on iTunes you will receive a free promo code from us to download the App for free.

Many have already received the FREE Private and Instrument Check Ride App and if you are one of our customers that did not receive it feel free to contact us and we will be sending you a code.

Finally on iTunes!!!

November 5, 2014

The Private Pilot Check Ride Prep App has been approved by Apple and is now on iTunes. The price is only $49 but as promised if you had already purchased it or an All-In-One package, contact us and we will send you a promo code to download the App for free.

The Instrument Check Ride prep has been submitted 2 days ago and is awaiting approval (probably available within a week).

The Private Pilot Interactive Test Prep should be submitted shortly and again will be available within 2 weeks.

Keep checking in and we will give you the latest updates…

Version 4.0 of the Private Is Now Online!

October 13, 2014

Its still in Beta Versions but it is available to all of our current customers. If you are interested in testing the Beta out please send us an email at [email protected] and we will be glad to send you the link.

The Beta has been extensively tested and so far appears to have no problems at all. Your input is always valued here at Pilot Training Solutions.

Take it for a spin and if you see any issues, would like some changes or some additional content, please feel free to email us with your suggestions.

This latest revision works on all platforms as long as you have an internet connection. It will also been compacted into an App for both iPad and Android Tablets and before we do that we would again love to get your input.

Second App Submitted to Apple!

October 12, 2014

IRA VRide Prep App Icon

The Instrument Check Ride Prep App was submitted last night to the Apple store. If everything goes according to plan it will be available for purchase on iTunes within a couple of weeks.

As usual all of our current customers will receive the App for free.

As soon as the first two Apps are approved we will immediately submit the Private Pilot Written Prep Software which is ready to be submitted!

Pilot Training Solutions With You For Ever!

October 11, 2014
We had a couple of customers of ours call in upset because they just purchased our software and noticed that its in final review with the Apple store.

They said they really wanted to be able to study on the go with their iPad as well as at home with their computer and figured now they would have to pay more to get the App.

We explained that Pilot Training Solutions is there for them until the day they decide they do not wish to fly anymore (in other words for ever).

Our software is made in such a manner that you don’t just throw it out once you pass your tests. Five years from now you forget how to enter a hold? Well just launch our App or Software go to the menu tap or click on IFR procedures, type holding procedures in the table of contents and voila’.

But rules and procedures change, so how do you stay current.

The answer is again with our software.

As rules change we update our software and release it to all of our current customers absolutely FREE!

The same goes for new versions of our product such as an iPad or Android App.

So there you have it, once you choose Pilot Training Solutions we will follow you throughout all of your flying days. and that is Pilot Training Solutions’ PROMISE!

First iPad App Submitted!!!

October 10. 2014

AppOur first App was submitted to the Apple Store last night!!! The Private Pilot Check Ride Prep Version 2 is the first Program which is going to become an iPad App. If everything goes according to plan it should be available for purchase on iTunes within 2 weeks (Apple current review times are 11 days). The price will be $49, ten dollars less than the on-line App as it one can only be viewed on iPad while the on-line one works on any device.

But what if you already purchased the Software and would like to get the App. Well, as usual, all updates are completely free to our current customers. As soon as the App is on the Apple store we will be sending an email to all our current customers informing them on how to download the App on their iPad at no cost.

During this weekend we will also be submitting the Instrument Check Ride Prep App to Apple. Once these are approved then we will shortly thereafter submit the Private Pilot Knowledge Test Prep App (V 4.0 of the Private packaged into an App).

V 4.0 is ready and just undergoing some beta testing before being released to the public.

So here at Pilot Training Solutions we are all excited and can’t wait to make you all finally happy, delivering on the promise to make your favorite aviation software available on your favorite device!


Version 4.0 of the Private Nearly Ready!

September 4. 2014

Version 4.0 of the Private Pilot Interactive Test Prep Software is about to be released. Just putting the final touches and the new software will be out.

The software has had major upgrades starting from audio clean ups all the way to new material, new images (which reflect the change in the FAA testing supplement book), new animations to help you better understand concepts.

This will also be packaged into an app and be available on the App Store within 1 month of being released.

Best of all our current customers will get the upgrade absolutely free and if you purchased the All-In-One Software then you will also get The iPad or Android App free.

Just a few more days and you will be immersed in a whole new experience.


Did You Know … ?

July 20. 2014

Three years ago, the FAA changed most of the knowledge test questions and plans not to release them to the public. Recently, the FAA has completely revised some of the knowledge test figure supplements, indicating that more new questions have now been introduced.

If you are using any test prep program that has you memorizing questions and answers, you are likely wasting your time, preparing for a test that potentially doesn’t exist.

Pilot Training Solutions TEACHES THE MATERIAL! It doesn’t matter what questions you get on the actual test – you’ll be prepared to answer them because you have the information.

And now, get our All-In-One course and ace not only your written, but your flight test with our check ride prep software.
Make your first test attempts your last; we are your pilot training solution.

A Good Pilot – and a Good Teacher – Is Always Learning!

June 11. 2014

All of us here at Pilot Training Solutions (PTS) are avid aviation teachers who strive to constantly find ways to help both the aspiring pilots and the existing pilots who endeavor to further their aviation knowledge with additional ratings and certifications.

Aviation is exciting and fun, but some of the fundamental topics aren’t easy to understand. Some concepts are difficult to explain, complicated to describe with a static picture or textbook diagram, but can truly come to life with animation. Instruments that move, airplanes that descend, and scenarios that unfold before your eyes are paramount to effective learning. This is why we’ve chosen to use these methods: so you can truly understand the concept, and you can get the aviation job done.

Before our online and DVD courses, we were classroom teachers. And while we enjoy the ability to reach a larger audience, we’ve lost the chance to interact with you each individually in the classroom and answer your individual questions. That instant feedback provided us with instant guidance, and told us how to best assist you in getting the aviation job done.

We need your feedback and unique questions.

Some of you have posed good questions to us and we’ve been able to create quite a number of short videos to answer them, and have aired them on our YouTube channel. In fact, many of these have found their ways into our courses. Due to your student feedback, our channel has received a lot of traffic and great praise. We take pride in this ability to teach to your specific questions; it means that our mission of helping students achieve their dreams is finally becoming a reality. We want to do more, but we don’t want to teach topics that WE think are important, we want to teach the concepts that YOU need to hear more of.

We’re asking for your help to help you! Help us help you conquer those aspects of your pilot training that have thus far evaded you. Tell us about a concept that you would like us to break down, simplify and animate, and we will bring it to life for you.


Ace Your Aviation Tests with a Breath of Fresh Air

June 3, 2014
There aren’t many vocations/activities in the world that are more exciting and enjoyable than flying an airplane.  I’m sure every pilot out there agrees and I’ll bet you most of them remember the thrill and enjoyment of that first flight and the adventure that continued all throughout their pilot training.  And likely, the day they earned their wings is up there with one of the best moments of their lives.

I’m also going to wager that they remember – equally well – the struggle in passing each FAA written exam.  I know that the instrument holds a particular place of frustration in many-a-pilot’s memories.

Pilot Training Solutions has been assisting pilots in conquering the FAA knowledge tests (so they can move on to the fun tasks of flying the airplane) for over a decade.  In that time, we have helped thousands of students, just like you, pass the written exam.  Our courses focus on the basics and teach students how to read the questions and reason out the best answer.  There is no question and answer memorization, tomes and tomes of reading, and no on-screen talent that viewers may or may not identify with.  Instead, each course integrates dynamic figures and graphics, some key points for emphasis, and then puts you in control by allowing you to decide whether you want audio or more text.

By using some of our time-tested tricks and tools, proven to be successful over years of teaching students in the classroom, we guarantee you’ll find our courses to be a breath of fresh air when it comes to putting the FAA written behind you.  And once the knowledge test is over, our check ride prep courses are standing by to shepherd you through the practical side of your training as well.

If you would like to get a better idea of what Pilot Training Solutions is all about, then visit our website at and try on of our free demos.
Aviation is fun and training should be no different; don’t make the written exam the Achilles’ Heel of your training and – for goodness sake – don’t let it stunt your dreams of flying.  Allow Pilot Training Solutions – PTS for short – to assist you.


Due to the success of the All-In-One offer We Are Extending it Indefinetly 

December 1, 2013

You liked it. We extended it. Until the end of February purchase any of the all-in-one packages and receive the Interactive V-ride Preparation Software absolutely FREE (a $59 value).

We have had so many people give us positive feedback on the V-ride Prep Software that we decided to extend the offer until the end of February.

Now pass your Private, Instrument or Commercial Written Test seamlessly with our All-In-One package and fly through your oral and flight portion of your license with the same ease.

Until Thanksgiving Purchase Any All-In-One Package and receive the V-ride Prep Software Absolutely FREE!

October 29, 2013

Celebrate Halloween with another great offer from Pilot Training Solutions. From now until Thanksgiving when you purchase either the Private or Instrument All-In-One Software on top of the already great savings of over $100, you also get our latest product absolutely FREE: The Check Ride Preparation Software (and thats another $59 in savings).

This way we will not only help you ace your written exam, but also make sure you walk into your check ride with the confidence of an airline pilot.

The Check-Ride Prep Software Is Here

October 2, 2013

The Check Ride Prep software is finally here it has been available for our current customers since the middle of September and it is now available to all for just $59. Over 2 hours of advice on how to pass your V-ride and give you all the confidence to impress the examiner and get your ticket with flying colors. The instrument is already available for our current customers and will be available for everyone on the 7th of October. The commercial should be released by the end of the month.

So now you can use our software to ace your written exam, and once done with that you can use our V-Ride Prep software to also ace your flight test.


The Check-Ride Prep Software Nearly Here

August 28, 2013

So far we have helped you pass the Written Test, but many of you have asked us to help you with the oral and flight portions of your exam. Well the answer is jus around the corner. The check-ride Prep software is the guaranteed way to  make the day of your check-ride go as smooth as possible. You will gain confidence, knowledge and know how. Lucas, the creator, has been examining students for the past 10 years and knows all the weaknesses of candidates, all the tricks and all the right words to say to an examiner to put him in the right mood and allow you to pass the test. Best of all this new software will be free for all the customers that bought the AL-In-One package before the release of this new product.

The software will probably be released towards the middle of September starting with the Private Pilot V-ride Prep at an initial price of $59. The instrument and commercial will follow soon.

All in One Software Now Available

August 15, 2013

Now for just $125 you can get all the software to pass your test in all versions all under one menu. Whether you need the PC or Mac version to download to your machine, or would like to access the online version on your iPad, or feel you are ready for the test and would like to practice exams, all for the one price and all under one menu. And with the release of our brand new software (The Check Ride Prep Software) just around the corner we are extending that package to all the customers that purchase the all-in-one software before this latest product is released at no additional cost (thats another $59 savings.


Soon to Come FREE Online Testing 

July 15, 2013

Our free online testing software is just about ready to go!  To try and prepare our students as best we can, we’ve made this testing program look as much like some of the actual testing software as we can.  Just like the actual test, our free testing software will have just the questions and the possible answers; for realism, it will not provide any guidance as to why the chosen answer is correct or not.

There will also be a full version of the testing software that will not only provide explanations, but it will allow you to tailor the tests to any particular areas you wish to focus on.  It will also have a practice final exam that, once completed, will actually sign you off for the FAA written. The price for the full version will be $19.95.  Compared to the cost of hiring a instructor to review all of the questions and the time you would have to dedicate to do that, $19.95 will save you money.

And of course, with either testing program, if you identify several areas that you still need improvement, our test preparation courses are available to give you all of the education you could possibly need.

These new programs will be available very soon!

All finally here

July 4, 2013

And finally they are all here the Private Written Preparation V3.0, the Instrument Written Preparation V 4.0 and the Commercial Written Preparation V2.0 – compatible with the iPad and Android tablets – are now on our website available for purchase!

If you are already one of our customers and would like access to this new version of the program, please email or call us and we will enroll you free of charge. If you’re new to PTS and have not yet purchased one of our courses, we’re happy to offer you a discounted rate of $89.

If you would like to sample our latest iPad product Here is a sneak preview of them.



Got iPad?

June 16, 2013

Just a quick update the Private Written Preparation V 3.0 for iPad and Android tablets is now on our website but we are still working on the technical stuff (such as login info and landing pages). Everything should be up and running within a day or two. The courses will be available for free to our current customers and will be given at a discounted rate of $69 to any new customer.

Our first online course now available

June 10, 2013

The Commercial Pilot Interactive Test Prep course is now available for online viewing.

For all you iPad and Android tablet users who have asked us to please make our software available for your devices, here is the first beta of the Commercial Knowledge Test Prep developed for online viewing on iPad and Android tablets. The software will be available at now charge until June 15th while we still optimize it.

Feel free to take a sneak peak at and send us any feedback you wish at [email protected]

Within a couple of days the Private Pilot Interactive Test Prep will also be available and the Instrument will follow soon after.

So there you have it. While we continue waiting for the apple store to send us a final approval for our apps you can enjoy our teaching methods online and study for the test without the use of your computer.

Another real happy customer

April 5, 2013

I have to share with you another student’s success story today.

One of our latest customers contacted me personally just before Easter to see if we could help him.

His story was simple, his instructor told him he would not sign him off because after repeated practice tests his top score was just under 60 (needless to say mindless and useless memorization wasn’t working for him).

I told him that our software was quite different from the others out there and assured him that if he was able to finish the program within a week he would be able to pass the test with no problem.

The next day he called back saying that he felt much more confident and had scheduled the test for the following Monday and was worried that he might not be able to get the sign off on time from us because he would finish the program the next day (Easter day).

We told him it would not be a problem as long as he kept e-mailing us the results of the review tests at the end of each chapter as well as the final test itself (all the process is done with the touch of a button).

The next day we receive the rest of the results and the final test, so we sent him his endorsement.

Long story short on Monday evening we received an e-mail from him saying he passed the test with a score of 93%.

So there you go this person who could not score over 60% after practicing for weeks taking test after test was able to score 93% after just 3 days of following our program. I guess congratulations to him and us are appropriate.




Building a Cannon to Kill a Mosquito

November 4, 2012

Who isn’t impressed watching a medical drama on TV when the doctors are rifling off acronyms and abbreviations to each other?  It just sounds cool and important … and I’ll bet the doctors agree!  Pilots are no different: ATIS, E6B, Roger, Niner, “No Joy on the Traffic” is always a fun one.  And listen to clearances at some of the busier airports when dealing with the airline pilots; not only are they filled with acronyms and abbreviations, but they’re read back faster than an SR-71!  Why is this?

Simple – we all love to feel and sound important, sophisticated and smart.

Where this becomes a problem is in the training environment where many well-educated and intelligent CFIs are already trying to be airline pilots, and sounding more impressive to themselves trumps providing the simple and easy-to-follow answer to their budding-pilot student.  We see this from initial contact all the way through the training.  Having shopped for flight training before, I’m often amazed at the responses I received when inquiring about someone’s flight program.

Example:  We can provide either CFR Part 141 or CFR Part 61 flight training.  141 requires a minimum of 35 hours of flight time, only 5 of which have to be solo, 20 are dual and 10 can be either.  We see a school average of 52.3 hours for completion.  A part 61 program is slightly different, with the regulations requiring 40 hours of total time of which 10 have to be solo and 5 solo-x-c.  Those national averages can be as high as 70-90 hour of total training.  141 also requires a minimum of 35 hours of ground instruction where 61 does not, but we still will have to provide some training to enable you to pass the written exam … and we haven’t even gotten cost yet!

Now, none of this information was wrong – it all sounded good – but was any of it fun or educational … or did it matter?  The person on the other end of the phone wants to learn to fly because it sounds fun, but at initial contact, we have them doing math and computing percentages and multiplying!  The average person never asks a mechanic what types of tools or checklists they’re going to use to fix their car nor do they interrogate their surgeon on the same matters; the customer or patient’s assumption is that the expert will do what is necessary to get the job done.  For the average person shopping for flight training, the same is true … that is, until they’re deprogrammed by flight schools into thinking the above cited information is more paramount.  The most important information was never even touched upon like, “tell me why you want to learn to fly” or “great, when did you want to get started?”  Aren’t these pieces far more important for the customer’s dreams of flight than the regulations involved in the checking of boxes or keeping training statistics for the AOPA?

The “look how smart I am” display continues throughout the training.  I walked by a classroom once where a day 1, lesson 1 private pilot student – a retired 5th grade teacher who wants to fly so she can see her grand children in Ohio – was scratching her head while the CFI was talking about Bernoulli.  A day 1 student!  Is this really what we want to cover first?

Is flight training trying to use a cannon to kill a mosquito?  Or, better yet, are we teaching someone how to build a watch when they ask us for the time?  Are we so proud of the knowledge we worked so hard for on the CFI checkride that we want to use all of it on each student?

Recently as I was browsing some of the aviation forums, I came across a student who was struggling while trying to pass the written exam – a PERFECT example of forcing too much of the technical and not enough of the fun factor – and had asked for assistance.  The first reply, and I won’t include all of it, included several passages like this:

The pressure and the temperature are related by the equation P=NRT/V, where P is the pressure of a gas, V is the volume of the gas and essentially a constant, N is the quantity of the gas and R is a constant, and T is the absolute temperature. This can be approximated as P=kT where k is a constant, because in the atmosphere, the quantity and volume don’t change.

Poor guy!  Will this information help the student either on the written or in the aircraft?  No!  Does the CFI who posted this answer likely feel like an astronaut?  You betcha.  I was watching a veteran CFI provide some basic instruction to his 5-hour student in a simulator on landings.  I observed, with great sympathy, while this instructor barked phrases like “Stabilize your approach, John, or this is never going to work” and “Back Pressure, Back Pressure, Back Pressure!”

In both of these cases, the student likely left the encounter thinking that they weren’t good enough or smart enough to be a pilot because they just didn’t understand what their teacher was saying.  And, in both cases, the instructors were both individuals who likely had a lot of knowledge and even flying time; but were they good teachers?  Could they convey knowledge?

Here’s a question along the same lines: should you pre-flight the airplane with a student you’re taking on a first time intro flight?  I’m not asking if you should pre-flight the airplane – that’s a given – I’m asking if it should be done in the presence of a first time pilot.  Does someone taking to the air for the first time need to know that you need to check for four bolts and a piano hinge in a few places on the aileron to make sure it doesn’t fall off mid-flight?  Do they need to see you verify that there is no water in the fuel?  Ask yourself if the student needs that education or if you feel it’s important that he knows how serious aviation is.

The Fundamentals of Instruction – the basis for teaching in aviation – talks about establishing common ground and going from the known to the unknown.  So why do we have to refer to fuselages, yokes, horizontal and vertical stabilizers when flying with initial students?  Why can’t we talk to our students about the body or passenger compartment, the steering wheel and the tail?  Simple – it’s because we feel and sound important, sophisticated and smart.

While lead instructor and founder of Pilot Training Solutions Written Test Preparation software can certainly walk the walk and talk to talk with the most cerebral of pilots and CFIs, he chooses not to.  Instead, he chooses to teach his students.  Lucas Noia is of the opinion that impressing PTS’s students with their own test results far outweighs impressing them with his intellect in the preparation process, instead choosing to impart tricks and techniques designed to 1) make it simple and 2) get the semantics of the written out of the way to pave the path for the real flying education.  They’ll be plenty of opportunity for student’s to be wowed by aviation throughout their flying journey, but it should not occur during their initial education; this is the time to simplify and contribute to their success.



iPad Apps Just a Little Longer

September 17, 2012

Still working with the approval process that apple requires all developers to go through to post apps to the Apple store.

We have worked out most of the issues that Apple wanted us to address except the quality of some of the images. The problem is those images are taken directly from the FAA and are part of the test itself so making them look better might not be in the best interest of the student.

So the discussion is on with Apple to see if better images (remade by us) or the original test images are more appropriate for the iPad app.

That said we anticipate having the Private up by the end of September to middle of October followed shortly there after by the Commercial and finally the Instrument.





iPad Apps Just Around The Corner

August 10, 2012

Finally iPad apps are on the way!!!

Thanks to some new technologies and some hard work of our team, Pilot Training Solutions is glad to announce that it will be offering their software on mobile devices within a few weeks.

The first App has just been submitted to the apple store for review and should be available for purchase via the App store by the end of the month.

The apps will be offered at an initial price of $49.99, and will offer the same interactivity, ease of use and fun learning content as the PC and Mac versions.

The first app to be available will be the Commercial Pilot Interactive Test Prep, around the end of August, followed by the Private Pilot, by the middle of September, and finally the Instrument by the end of September.

As we promised to our customers the last 50 who have bought the software will receive the Apps for FREE.

Hppy Flying


How to Ace Your FAA Written Exam

 April 23, 2012

Recently, the FAA unexpectedly changed most of the questions on the written tests. The first tests to be affected were the FOI, ATP and FE, which resulted in a dramatic increase in failures across the board. The same has now happened with the Private, Instrument and Commercial written tests as well.

After speaking at length with the FAA’s testing department, it became evident that the reason for the unannounced changes was in an effort to improve pilot quality by having more stringent requirements for the knowledge tests.  In recent years, the number of graduating pilots has stayed relatively the same while the number of incidents and accidents has dramatically increased.  To help drive home their effort of improving the average pilot’s knowledge base, the FAA intends not to release the new questions to the public … not now or anytime soon, as evidenced by the statement, “We are tired of pilots that have very little knowledge when it comes to the written material”.

Most of us who have already passed any, if not all, FAA written exams probably studied using the usual method of memorizing the questions and answers.  Heck, I remember taking less than eight minutes to pass my FOI test and scoring 100%. Back then, there were just 125 questions in the FOI question bank and it took me only about a day of practice.  I also remember locking myself in my house, phone off and door bell disconnected, for a week to memorize the 1,500 possible questions for the ATP.  Those days are long gone with the FAA having increased, or planning on increasing, each bank of questions to over 6,000 making the old memorization method of studying obsolete or impossible to anyone without a photographic memory … and if you can memorize all those questions, you’d be better off being an astronaut or counting cards in Vegas!

Apart from the obvious limitation that not everyone has a memory that can instantly recall 6,000 questions, there are other problems with that method of test preparation.  First and foremost, after hopefully passing your aviation written you possess no greater aviation knowledge than you did before taking it.  All of the material (sometimes costly) that was purchased to help conquer this obligatory step in the pilot training process can and probably will go in the garbage … I know mine did!  In addition, if the memorizing system works, it is a very long, tedious and useless process.  I can probably keep going quite a bit longer citing every problem with this methodology, but I would become as annoying as the written itself!

I have been teaching written preparation courses for the past eleven years and have had people of all walks of life and levels of experience come to my class; there was one common phrase I heard from almost all of them: “I have tried several programs and the memorization method and nothing has worked – I still can’t pass this test.  Can you really get me to pass it in just a few days?”  My response was always the same: “I have to ask you to leave all of your knowledge behind and let me explain the material in a different way … an easier way.  If you can do that, then I can guarantee you will pass the test”.

My wish was that everyone could attend one of my classes and find an easy way to pass the written exam, but I can’t be in more than one place at once.  So I went back to my pre-pilot life as a computer programmer and redesigned our classes into an Interactive course that would allow us to be in more than one place at a time.  The result was where all this knowledge is stored in a digital format.  Some people have asked, “Why is your course different from the others?”  The answer has always been the same: we will teach you the material – not just the questions and answers.  We present our material in a very simple way using time tested techniques that have been very successful in helping all our students achieve their aviation goals.

We’re a new company – only a few years old – but thus far, we have helped over a thousand students pass their written exam on the first take with an average score of over 90%.

If you would like to see if our techniques work for you, feel free to download one of our FREE TRIALS at:  or watch one of these videos:

I sincerely hope that this information is going to be helpful and will allow you to conquer the FAA written exam so you can fulfill your dreams of flight.


Lucas Noia
Pilot Training Solutions


Ipad and Iphone versions Q and A

April 19, 2012


Q. What is up with the mobile versions of the software?

A. They are practically done but they are undergoing extensive troubleshooting.

Q. What kind of issues are you troubleshooting?

A. Mainly the interactivity of the software, such as animations and user interface, which is what, makes our products so captivating.


Q. Why is it taking so long?

A. well the main problem is that most mobile devices do not allow flash content to play on them, and since all of our software is based on flash, it is obvious that we are having some issues.


Q. So what is the solution?

A. at the moment we are experimenting with converting flash into HTML5 which plays perfectly on mobile devices, but the process is very slow and the conversion techniques are still undergoing experimentation, they are practically in their infancy.


Q. so when do you think they will be ready?

A. at this point it’s hard to say, keep in mind that we have multiple projects going on at the same time, such as the ATP Interactive prep software, version 4.0 of the instrument Interactive prep software, 3.0 of the private, 2.0 of the commercial and the other Interactive prep software’s for the rest of the FAA written exams.


Q. do you have a date in mind?

A. we are working as fast as we can, but chances are that the Ipad and Iphone versions will not be out until the middle or end of this summer.


Q. so what should mobile device owners do for now?

A. the only thing I can tell you is that Pilot Training Solutions has always been very loyal to their customers. While most prep software’s (based on memorization of questions and answers) are useless once the test is taken, our software can be kept forever as a refresher (how do I enter that hold again). In the light of that, if our customers have purchased a PC or Mac version of our software and would like to have the mobile version of it once it has been delivered, we will provide it for them at no additional charge.



If you have additional questions please feel free to email us at [email protected] 


Free Practice Exams Now Available for PC Download!

January 31, 2012

Pilot Training Solutions has now made free practice exams for the Private, Instrument and Commercial FAA Knowledge Tests available for PC download on our website.  Current users of our software will recognize the same familiar and easy-to-use format as that of our interactive test prep programs.

Although a fantastic tool for anyone wanting to keep practicing before the big test, keep in mind that in early 2011 the FAA changed their test question banks to mostly unpublished questions and does not plan on releasing them to the public.  While the information tested has not changed, the old familiar method of studying for the exam through memorizing the test questions is a thing of the past and doing so will NOT prepare you for the actual test.

PTS has created its program to assist aspiring pilots by teaching the material in the quickest and easiest way possible.  We don’t teach question memorization nor are we trying to replace your flight instructor.  We don’t want to teach you to fly or provide an alternative to your practical ground schooling.  We just want to help you put the FAA written exam behind you so you can enjoy your flying education.


Courses Soon to be Available for the iPad

January 16, 2012

Pilot Training Solutions’ Commercial Pilot Interactive Test Prep Course has been completed and is currently available for download in both a PC and Mac format, along with our Private and Instrument Programs.  In the meantime, we have modified all of our courses so they will shortly be available for download to the iPad and iPhone.

Keep checking back for progress on this new and exciting step for PTS software!


Pilot Training Solutions …. NOT a Competitor, just one more way to help!

October 20, 2011

Over the course of the last few years, I have had many conversations with aspiring pilots and those seeking additional certification about the benefits of our programs.  At some point in the discussion, I’m often told that the school they’re training at is 141, or is a CPC, or they’re using a full course option, etc.  For whatever reason, these people seem to think that I’m asking them to jump ship … or to “cheat” on their flight school with Pilot Training Solutions.  Not so!  Having been the Chief Instructor for a 141 school and for a CPC, I can confidently say that the PTS courses are neither a replacement for the flight education provided in either school nor are they in conflict with what is presented.  Like the FAA’s Airplane Flying Handbook, the Oral Exam Guide or the text on a VFR/IFR Kneeboard, the PTS written prep courses are one more tool to assist you in your aviation education.

There are career instructors and transient instructors.  However, whatever their goal or mission, few of them actually enjoy preparing you for the written exam.  Let me elaborate; ground school in concert with your flight training is a necessary and vital part of your education and every instructor will agree and likely enjoy making you understand how to make your flight lesson more valuable and more productive.  That’s what a 141 or CPC Course Syllabus is for – to provide organized, structured education as you learn how to fly.  But when it comes to preparing for the written exam, most syllabi fall short and rely on the CFI to insure proper test knowledge before sending you into that computer room – palms shaking – and just hoping that you pass.  The test has near-nothing to do with the flying knowledge your flight school has been focusing on because they usually aren’t given an effective system and they often have little control over how well-prepared their students are for this non-educationally effective written exam.  For this reason, most instructors dread and fear their student’s written exam education.

This is where Pilot Training Solutions wants to help!  We don’t want to get in the way of your instructor or your school providing the very best flight education possible.  We also don’t want to get in the way of your school’s opportunity for your business.  Quite simply, we want to keep you from getting frustrated with the whole written exam experience, keep your school and their instructors doing their favorite part of their job and we want to help the industry get more pilots by simplifying the written exam process.

Here are some fun facts about flight training: 8 out of 10 students that start learning to fly never finish.  The average age of a student pilot is 46 years-old and they haven’t usually taken a standardized written exam in almost 20 years!  Most students in this age range I talk to are terrified of the written exam and conquering it intimidates them.  However, 7 out of 10 students who pass the written exam go on to get their license.  Is it possible that this seemingly simple task (to instructors) is a key ingredient in the attrition rate in the new pilot population?  It’s an interesting question …

Back to Pilot Training Solutions’ purpose and mission statement, all we’re interested in doing is making certification easy and practical for pilots; that’s why we’ve focused our own instructional talents on besting the FAA knowledge test.  We’re conceptually no different and no more intrusive to your school or syllabus than an article in AOPA magazine talking about short field landing techniques or a diagram on the wall of your flight school that provides a graphical representation of the US airspace system or a audio program that helps you gain more comfort with radio communication.  We’re one in a sea of educational supplements to your aviation education designed to make your life easier – that’s it!  We will never replace the text books, teaching methods or structure of your aviation education, we’re just providing one more pilot training solution to the education challenges you will encounter during your journey to becoming a licensed pilot.


Commercial Course Around the Corner!

September 9, 2011

With estimated completion and release in mid October, Pilot Training Solutions’ Commercial Pilot Written Test Prep is going through the final stages of production.  With modifications learned form the Private and Instrument programs, our Commercial Course promises to be one of our most interactive yet, making a career pilot’s first 100 question test one of the easiest to pass.

The ATP – one of the most difficult of the pilot written tests to pass – will make it’s PTS debut in Summer of 2012.  Keep checking back for more news on these two new products!


Your Flight Training …

July 17, 2011

By now, you’ve surely discovered that shopping for flight training is a daunting task.  You’ve likely heard confusing phrases, abbreviations and numbers … 61, 141, FBOs, Flying Clubs, FAA Certified, High-Wing, Low-Wing, Glass … not to mention costs from $4,000 – $20,000 and time frames from 10 days to a few years.  The sheer confusion is enough to make you re-think fulfilling your life dreams.  Granted, Pilot Training Solutions will help you get the written exam behind you, but what about the other facets of your education?

Don’t give up!  And you don’t have to do it yourself because we want to help.  Let us take a few minutes of your time to go through the basics of flight training and prepare you for what you’re going to hear as you shop around.  Hopefully, after some basic information, you’ll be better equipped to gather enough information to make your flight training decision.

We’re going to start at the beginning.  If you’re like most people, then the two most basic things that you want to get answered are “How Long” and “How Much”.  Everything else either contributes to these factors or is unimportant at this point.  You can’t answer one without the other.  That being said, the answers to those two questions can be involved and likely not answered with a single word or phrase – they shouldn’t be!  Flight Training should be as unique as you are, so it stands to reason that there is no such thing as a “program in a can”.  The answers to these questions involve education and perceptions that will help you as you continue the search for your flight school.
How Long?
How long does the process of becoming a pilot take?  How many lessons and flight hours will be required and necessary for me to earn my wings?  Ask yourself this: how long does a tank of gas last?  Of course, it varies … how big is the tank, how quickly does your car burn fuel, what kind of gas, city or highway, is the air conditioning on … etc.  Ambiguity aside, there are some basic numbers that we can start with.

Every pilot is required to log a minimum of 40 hours of total flight time before becoming certified.  This is the most honest and only 100% correct number; a minimum of 40 hours of total time.  This further breaks down into different lessons and tasks, but for our purposes, let’s stick with 40 hours of time in the airplane.  What is going to influence this number?  A lot!

•FYI – That number hasn’t changed in over 60 years, but aviation has changed dramatically!

•Flight Time – How often are you going to train?  How much flight time will you be flying per lesson?  Think of reading a book one paragraph per week, once a month.  It could take you years to read a Dr. Suess book!  Each time you start reading again, you likely have to re-read the last few pages to remember where you left off.

•Ground School – Before chemistry lab, there’s a discussion, assigned reading and a review of how not to blow up the lab!  Aviation is the same.  Plan on having homework assignments, study time and a review with your instructor before getting into the plane – estimate at least around 30 – 45 minutes per flight lesson, if you and your instructor are well-prepared.  Ground School conducted in the plane means more flight hours and more lessons required for completion.  Keep in mind that this is different than preparing for the written exam.  Remember that passing the FAA Knowledge Test has little to do with becoming a pilot, but it’s a step that needs to be considered.  Programs like Pilot Training Solutions’ written prep courses are designed for the purpose of getting the written out of the way expeditiously and relatively pain free.

•Structure and Organization – Can you imagine someone trying to build a house without a blue print?  It can be done, but it will take more time and more money.  Flight Training is no different.  Your flight training program should feel organized and premeditated.  Your school or instructors should have a syllabus or outline they are using to teach you how to fly … after all, even Airline Pilots use checklists to remind them of what they need to do.  An organized plan or course syllabus allows both you and your instructors to know what’s next and to plan accordingly.  Your instructors should recommend a textbook or manual with which to study from as well.

•How do you learn – Can you stay focused and attentive for 6 hours a day?  Can you afford to train 6 hours a day?  If the answer is no, then don’t schedule yourself to train 6 hours a day.  On the other end of the spectrum, there is so much involved in a normal flight lesson – like ground school, preparing the aircraft, leaving the airport area then the same after your lesson – that planning a one-hour lesson will probably only give you 15 – 20 minutes of education per lesson.  If you’re going to schedule a lesson and learn to fly, devote realistic and un-interrupted time to do it.  If you learn slower than others … if it takes you longer than some to learn concepts and tasks, then aviation is no different!  Don’t expect to complete your training in the minimum hours.  At the same time, don’t get discouraged … you are capable of learning to fly.

Now that we’ve looked at some of the time factors, let’s answer your question of “How Long”.  If you plan a 3 hour lesson with your flight school twice a week, you may receive roughly 2 hours of flying time and 30 minutes of ground school per lesson.  If we use the minimum of 40 hours of flying time, that means 10 dedicated weeks of training before you finish your course.  It can obviously go faster with a more aggressive training schedule.  You would be an exemplary student if you were to complete your program with 40 hours of flying time and 10 hours of ground instruction; the national average to receive your private license is around 70 hours, so plan for more than just the minimum.  Don’t forget to study, complete assignments and be prepared to ask questions so you understand how the flight for that day’s lesson will go.  And plan ahead when you begin your training!  There’s a lot of education that you can acquire and things you can do prior to taking your first flight.  Passing the FAA Knowledge Test is one of them.

Keep in mind that the less frequently you train, the more time you will spend re-acquainting yourself with the airplane and the basics of flying – the longer you will take.

How Much?

Some schools and instructors will talk about hourly rates, some will talk about program costs, some will talk about the cost per stage or phase of training.  Sifting through the semantics, aviation is almost always billed per unit of instruction.  The more education you need, the more it will cost you.  There are usually separate costs for each aspect of flight training – ground instruction, time in the airplane, simulator hours, etc.  That being said, keep in mind that you are not really interested in how much it costs to fly an airplane for an hour; you want to know how much it costs to become a pilot!  Consider the following:

•You Get Exactly What You Pay For – The cheapest flight training out there is just that, as is the most expensive flight training.  Do you really want to fly the cheapest 2000 pound piece of machinery (that defies gravity) seated next to the most inexpensive teacher in the area?

•What do you want to pay for – Some schools and instructors include more in the per unit rate than just the training.  Does the cost of training include insurance or maintenance?  If not, what is the additional cost for those things?  (You want your aircraft insured and maintained, right?)  Do you want a huge building with heated hangars and an enormous staff of people at your disposal?  A study hall room with dedicated computers and TVs to utilize?  Then your program cost is going to reflect it.  Do you want to train much more casually or in an informal atmosphere?  Then your program cost is going to reflect it.

•What else do I need to pay for – Don’t forget about books, testing and exam fees, flight supplies, fuel surcharges and any other fees or costs – ask your school or instructors about them.  Make sure to examine several options.  For example, passing the FAA knowledge test can be accomplished through the use of evening or weekend ground schools that can cost from $300 – $600, plus the cost of materials and tests.  “Study at your own pace” courses can save you money, but often take more time.  Pilot Training Solutions written prep courses are designed to be presented in a ground school instructional format in a fraction of the time and cost.  This course can shave a lot off of the cost of materials and education required – an average of $2000.

Now that you have some dollar figures and you’ve decided what elements are important to you, do the math!  Excel spreadsheets work great here.  Take what you came up with for the duration of your training program and multiply it out by the appropriate rates – don’t forget the incidentals!  This is the estimated cost of your training as you have figured it out.  Add a fudge factor in there – remember that you’re going to be new at this.

Food for thought … the cost of learning to fly is more than just the training.  What will you do once you’re certified?  Are you going to frame your license and put it on the wall or are you going to fly?  Whether you’re renting, joining a flying club or buying an airplane, those costs need to be factored in to your total flight training investment.

In a vacuum … independent of each other … all of the numbers mean nothing.  What if I told you my hourly rate was $3500 … would you pick me?  Probably not.  However, what if I told you that you only pay for the first hour?  J   When all is said and done,
“how much” + “how long” = what it will take to become a pilot.


Other Information
•What is Part 141– Part 141 is FAA Approved Training … what does that mean?  Is everything that’s not approved illegal?  Of course not.  FAA Approved Part 141 is a flight school accreditation and it was originally created to accommodate veterans utilizing their VA benefits for flight training.  It means that the school has presented an organized curriculum and teaching practices to the FAA for their approval.  If approved, the FAA identifies that the school has agreed to more organized teaching techniques, has higher published standards and expectations for their instructors and, hence, is awarded by being able to shave 5 hours of solo aircraft training off of their minimums.  It also means that the FAA will be inspecting that schools facility very regularly to insure compliance.  Knowing that the FAA can show up unannounced to look at their documentation and training programs usually means that the school pays meticulous attention to their training paperwork.

•Considering all of that, a flight school that is not FAA Approved – a Part 61 School – isn’t necessarily not doing all of these things; they just aren’t doing the paperwork that proves it.  There are many very organized and structured programs out there not FAA Approved.  And to be honest, there are some FAA Approved programs that are not very practical or organized in their approach.  The moral of the story: unless you need to use VA Benefits to pay for your training, the difference between 141 and 61 is 80.  (141-61=80)  It’s a joke, people. J  It doesn’t matter whether your training course is approved or not – is it organized?  When talking to and touring flight schools, get a feel for the organization, the structure and the flexibility of the course – your feelings usually won’t lie.

•Glass Cockpit or Steam Gauge– “Glass Cockpit” is a term that refers to Technologically Advanced Aircraft: planes that have more computer screens than dials.  “Steam Gauge” is a slang term for aircraft that still have analog dials and gauges used to fly and control the aircraft.  As a rule, glass cockpit aircraft are newer and usually more expensive than their dated counterparts.  At some point in your flying future, you will fly both; if a career in aviation is what you’re after, you will very likely be flying a glass cockpit aircraft.  The question is what do you want to learn in? Fans of the older steam gauge aircraft will say that learning with all of the bells and whistles of a glass cockpit makes you a complacent pilot, depending more on the toys than the flying basics, but that can be said of any piece of technology in aviation.  I could argue that having a radio in your airplane and having an Air Traffic Controller monitoring your position on radar to help you avoid traffic does the same thing.  Charles Lindbergh would argue that not having a window in the roof of your plane enabling you to navigate by the stars is a bad idea.  Depending on any one thing to fly the airplane for you is a bad practice – you should always be the person in control of the aircraft, regardless of what toys are assisting you.

•Those who fly the glass cockpit aircraft make the argument that, with the proper training, a glass cockpit actually makes you more aware of your aviation surroundings, due to features like XM radio weather, in-flight traffic information systems that show you where the other airplanes, and synthetic vision that can show you your terrain while you’re flying at night and in lower visibility conditions.  The glass cockpit has been the standard in corporate and commercial aviation for years and it’s good enough for them; why not for General Aviation?  As GA “hand flies” our aircraft more of the time, there shouldn’t be a significant difference in how our flying habits are more susceptible to complacency and reliance on the equipment – I would venture to guess that the opposite is true.  Pilots have always had to adjust their skills to advances in technology and there is nothing unique about the glass cockpit advancements.  I will say that all the features and benefits of glass cockpits squish a whole lot of information on a relatively small TV screen, and it can present an “information overload” scenario.  I would also say that initially, it is much easier to go from a steam gauge cockpit to a glass cockpit than it is to go from a glass cockpit to a steam gauge cockpit.

•Final Answer?  Entirely up to you.  Do you want leather or cloth interior?  GPS or not?  Paper or Plastic?  There is not one that will give you an unfair advantage over the other and it’s got to be what you want.  If you have an iPhone, an iPad, a digital watch, voice activated lights in your house and your car’s BlueTooth configured to work with your cell phone and car’s GPS, I would say you’re a glass cockpit kind of person.  If you have a rotary phone and don’t own a computer, I would say steam gauges are the way to go.  If you’re somewhere in between, I can’t help you. J  There are far more important factors to consider when picking your flight school.

•High-Wing vs. Low-Wing – That depends; what is available at the flight training school that made you feel most comfortable during your visit with them?  There is no clear cut advantage to one over the other.  I learned in low-wings and instructed for a few thousand hours in high-wings.  I can say that high-wings allow you to see more of the ground below you (because there isn’t a wing in the way) but other than that, there’s no difference.  Keep in mind that you have no comparison between one and the other; to you, flying is a brand new thing that you will have to adjust to.  After you have your license in hand and some first-hand experience under your belt, try flying the other aircraft and you decide which one you like better.  There is no difference in the education.

Use this as you continue shopping and researching your flight training options.  Always know that there are plenty of flight schools out there who want to help and if nothing else, you can always call Pilot Training Solutions at 866.333.6025 or email us at [email protected] and ask us to help you make sense of everything that you’ve been told – it’s our job and our pleasure to help you start training, stay with the training, and fulfill your dreams of becoming a pilot.


Keep with PTS and FAA Written Exam News!

June 16, 2011

Knowledge-test revisions surprise, scores suffer
AOPA has engaged the FAA in response to reports that unannounced, significant changes in the question banks of at least three airman knowledge tests have dramatically increased failure rates. AOPA urges student pilots, certificated pilots preparing for advanced knowledge tests, and their instructors to be ready to tackle tests that differ significantly from their practice tests.
AOPA Online.

Within the last few months, all of the FAA written exams have been re-engineered across the board.  Test question banks of less than 1,000 potentials have been replaced with as many as 6,000 questions, many of them brand new.  In addition, the FAA will no longer be providing the test question bank to flight training educators or Computer Testing Designees.

The days of memorizing the FAA knowledge test are over. has developed a new line of pilot training software products that takes a completely different approach to FAA written test prep.  We don’t teach memorizing the question bank and ask our students to take test after test after test.  Not only is this a daunting task, (not to mention a frustrating introduction to aviation for those first time students just starting their private pilot license training), but it’s now fruitless as that methodology will be impractical with these new updates.  Instead, we teach them how to pass the FAA knowledge tests.  We’re not necessarily teaching them how to fly an airplane – that’s up to the flight schools – but how to understand what the FAA is looking for in their exams.  Think of us as the Kaplan of FAA test prep software.  We employ methods that will work for any question, any number of answers and students of every background.

Our courses and teaching methods have been time tested and proven to yield spectacular results with a 99% first time pass rate and an average score of 87%.  Since the introduction of our software, not a single student has failed and our customers have scores an average of 93% on FAA tests.  In fact, one of our current vendors has recently reported a 97% average score for students that have purchased our software.

We currently have courses available for the FAA Private Pilot written exam and the Instrument Pilot written exam with the Commercial Pilot written test course coming soon.  Check back frequently for updates, new courses and new participating flight schools near you.


University of Farmingdale to use PTS!

February 18, 2011

Pilot Training Soluitons is pleased to welcome the University of Farmingdale to its repertoire of satisfied students/customers.  One of the largest aviation colleges on the east coast, Farmingdale will be utilizing PTS online private and instrument written prep to prepare its students for the FAA knowledge tests.