PPL VRide Prep (10% Off)

Private Pilot CheckRide Prep Software


All this Month Only $58.50 ($49 for the App)

The Private Pilot Check-Ride Prep Software is a 2 hour and 20 minute course that will help you understand all the knowledge required to ace your check-ride as easily as you did your knowledge test.

From start to end you will be immersed in a private pilot check ride with real questions used during the exams we have performed over the years, with tips and tricks on how to put the examiner at ease using the correct words to show him you are a safe and confident pilot.

You will walk in that room knowing all of the required documents and endorsements are where they are supposed to be. You will be ready for any question or scenario the examiner might throw at you. You will avoid the common mistakes and traps students fall into when taking the check ride, because we will teach you how to avoid them. With the new found confidence we guarantee you will ace your check ride just as you did with the knowledge test.

Best of all you can view the software on your MAC at home, your PC at work and why not also on the go whether on an Android tablet or iPad. No need to choose. The software works on any device as long as you are connected to the internet.

Why Online? Five minutes before your Check-Ride you don’t remember if an Area Forecast is valid for 18 or 24 hours. Your Computer is at home and nobody is around to clear your doubts. Now what? Just jump on the school’s computer, log in to your account and refresh your memory in seconds using the Table of Contents and jumping to Area Forests.

The software is presented in the same format as you are already used to with an easily accessible table of contents and a succession of slides that bring you from the first step of the check ride to the moment you receive your license.


Online Version for All Devices All this Month Only $58.50


Or Buy The iPad App From iTunes $49