Latest FAA Test Changes

Latest Changes to the FAA Tests and PTS

September 29, 2016

Lately many of you have been contacting us asking if our software is still effective given the recent changes the FAA has made to the Knowledge Tests, and whether we have all of the latest questions.Many of you are afraid of failing the test because of the multitude of questions the FAA has added to the various tests.Fear not!!!When we started developing our software we knew that the FAA was growing tiresome of the fact that a large majority of applicants were preparing for their Knowledge Test by memorizing Questions and Answers. So we decided to create a “True and Unique” Pilot Ground School focused on thoroughly teaching the subjects while simplifying them at the same time.At the end of each topic you will be asked to answer 10 actual FAA test questions and after completing the course you will be able to take as many random 60 question tests as you wish. The purpose of these tests, however, is to help the you gauge your level of understanding of the topic presented rather than to help you memorize questions and answers.Answer any question incorrectly and the software will immediately provide you with feedback (text and audio) but more importantly it will prompt you to review the slides covering the topic in question so that you may fill any gap in knowledge.The purpose of the Knowledge Tests is (or should be) to force pilots to further their education. The old testing system was not working! Applicants proved to be dangerously weak when it came to the knowledge of the subject areas. The increasing number of avoidable accidents and reports from Designated Pilot Examiners (DPEs) confirmed the invalidity of the old FAA Testing System.Our software is designed to help you become a more knowledgeable and safer pilot (the type of Pilot the FAA is looking for). Acing your Knowledge Test will be a “side effect” of the confidence in your knowledge our software will have instilled in you.DOES THE QUESTION MATTER IF YOU TRULY KNOW THE MATERIAL?Now to answer the question of whether our software contains all of the latest FAA questions or not? The answer is simply NO! Any outfit that claims otherwise is not being truthful:“The FAA does not, and will not, release ANY active test questions.”All of us developers keep updating our question banks as more and more questions surface (mainly thanks to student exit pols), but considering that the FAA’s goal is to up the questions in each bank from 600-900 to 6,000, including all of them would serve no purpose. If you are able to memorize 6,000 questions (24,000 if going all the way to ATP) maybe you should start thinking about piloting the Space Shuttle rather than a Cessna.So what are you waiting for?

If we prepared and endorsed you for a Knowledge Test, the new ACS model won’t affect how well you do. Be confident that our courses will have taught you all the required material in depth.