Instrument Rating Written Prep PC (10% Off)

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Designed for the New FAA ACS Tests!

Program Features:

  • On-screen aviation mentors coach students with the use of top-notch instructional aids, training technologies, and real-world training tips for a dynamic learning environment.
  • Study at your own pace and complete the course in as little as two days or as long as you want.
  • More than 17 hours of high-quality interactive DVD presentations from some of the best instructors in the country bring students all the information they need to ace the Instrument Test, with the flexibility of instantaneous control.
  • At the end of each lesson an interactive quiz with real FAA exam questions challenges students; scores are displayed and students can review the quiz and the subject areas they answered incorrectly so they can monitor their progress for an on-track course.
  • After finishing the course the on-line testing software, with all the known FAA questions (regularly updated) , will make sure you are 100% ready for the test and SIGN YOU OFF within one hour of passing the final test.
  • Meets 14 CFR Part 61 home study requirements and the organization makes it an easy addition to any classroom-style ground school.
  • Includes Test Prep book, Computer Testing Supplement, answer key with all the FAA test questions, answers, explanations, full-color graphics, and Infinite full-length practice tests.
  • Graduation certificate with instructor sign-off (endorsement) available from PTS upon completion of the course.
Program Contents and run times:

Flight Instruments 01:35:53IRADownPC

Airspace 00:23:03

Basic Meteorology 01:04:42

Weather Services 01:24:14

VOR Navigation 00:32:18

ADF Navigation 00:08:42

Approach Navaids 00:46:47

Enroute Charts 00:19:32

Approach Plates 01:11:01

ATC Procedures 01:12:29

Flight Planning 00:11:05

Flight Rules 00:16:13

Medical Facts 00:22:24

Final Mock Test 02:30:00


All This month Only $98.10