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Knowledge-test revisions surprise, scores suffer
AOPA has engaged the FAA in response to reports that unannounced, significant changes in the question banks of at least three airman knowledge tests have dramatically increased failure rates. AOPA urges student pilots, certificated pilots preparing for advanced knowledge tests, and their instructors to be ready to tackle tests that differ significantly from their practice tests.
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Within the last few months, all of the FAA written exams have been re-engineered across the board.  Test question banks of less than 1,000 potentials have been replaced with as many as 6,000 questions, many of them brand new.  In addition, the FAA will no longer be providing the test question bank to flight training educators or Computer Testing Designees.

The days of memorizing the FAA knowledge test are over. has developed a new line of pilot training software products that takes a completely different approach to FAA written test prep.  We don’t teach memorizing the question bank and ask our students to take test after test after test.  Not only is this a daunting task, (not to mention a frustrating introduction to aviation for those first time students just starting their private pilot license training), but it’s now fruitless as that methodology will be impractical with these new updates.  Instead, we teach them how to pass the FAA knowledge tests.  We’re not necessarily teaching them how to fly an airplane – that’s up to the flight schools – but how to understand what the FAA is looking for in their exams.  Think of us as the Kaplan of FAA test prep software.  We employ methods that will work for any question, any number of answers and students of every background.

Our courses and teaching methods have been time tested and proven to yield spectacular results with a 99% first time pass rate and an average score of 87%.  Since the introduction of our software, not a single student has failed and our customers have scores an average of 93% on FAA tests.  In fact, one of our current vendors has recently reported a 97% average score for students that have purchased our software.

We currently have courses available for the FAA Private Pilot written exam and the Instrument Pilot written exam with the Commercial Pilot written test course coming soon.  Check back frequently for updates, new courses and new participating flight schools near you.